Enter the Fantastic World of Bollywood Dance

Here, crowds of bejeweled dancers tell larger-than-life stories through energetic choreographies set in beautiful locations. The rhythm and passion are infectious, and you want to be a part of it, too.

Dance in Indian Musical Cinema

The elaborately costumed and choreographed song and dance numbers so commonplace in Hindi cinema, as well as the dances they inspire independent of the big screen, are what is known as Bollywood dance. Actors sing (actually, they lip synch to pre-recorded songs) and dance in order to tell a story within the film.

A Rich Blend of Elements

The Bollywood style of dance is an essentially Indian fabric which has been embellished with different traditions and styles. This contemporary fusion includes Indian classical dances (like Kathak and Bharata Natyam), Indian folk dances (like Bhangra) and various styles from other parts of the world (like Western pop, street jazz, Middle Eastern bellydancing and Western musical theatre).

The Rise of Bollywood Dance as a Separate Art

Though Bollywood dance moves and stars still rise from Indian cinema, Bollywood dance has rather taken on a life of its own separate from the movie house. Bollywood dance has developed into a stand-alone performance style of modern Indian-flavored dance both within and outside of India, and among people who may or may not claim Indian heritage.

Experience the Power and Beauty of Bollywood Dance

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Featured Dance

Aishwarya Rai dancing to "Silsila Ya Chahat Ka" in the Bollywood movie Devdas